In this page are some testimonials of satisfied customers and clients




Please take some time to read testimonials of happy girls who have gone to Canada and found a happy life there. We at Kababayan can help domestic helpers succeed in life too.


"Greetings to Kababayan,

My name is Marjorie Bernales, before I start I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you with all my heart to my Auntie and my Uncle and most especially the Kababayan agency, for helping me to get in here in Canada, and I'm so glad that I'm already here in Canada and its a great blessing for me to be here, and I was bless that I have a good employer.

Since I been here, I compare myself when I was in Singapore, its a lot different here in Canada you have your own freedom. People here are polite, and they treat you nice, that's why its a great blessing for me.

Once again thanks for the Kababayan Far East Manpower & Services...

God Bless you

Best Wishes

-Marjorie Bernales


"Hi Ate Nettees,

Just wanna take this chance to say thank you so much for everything. Helping me to get over here in Canada is one of the greatest things that you ever had done to me. Without you and your company (the Kababayan agency) I don't think I am gonna be here right now, and got a chance to work as a live-in caregiver with such a wonderful employer.

I am really blessed to have such an understanding, caring and loving employer. I am thankful and glad for having them and work with those kind of people, and experienced being treated as a human.

Being here in Canada, is just a wonderful moment that ever happened to me in my whole life.

I know Ate Nettes, My words couldn't express how much I really appreciate those time and effort you spent doing all my paper work for me just to get me here. I am really grateful to have you as my agent.

I wouldn't hesitate introducing my family and friends in your company in future as far as job in Canada is concerned. Coz I know that you're one of those person whom I can trusted of. I'm always believed that you will do everything in your power to help them.

Again thank you so much and may all of the blessing be with you always,

God bless!"