We provide the following services

WPOL, EPOL Applications (for Workers and Domestic Helpers)

Kababayan is recognized and listed under the Ministry of Manpower. From within our office, and through MOM’s virtual network, we are able to process the application, cancellation and renewal of Work Permits and Employment Passes online. We will ensure the completeness of your documents to facilitate and expedite the approval of your application.

Application, Cancellation and Renewal of Work Permit

"Direct Hire" of foreign maids means that when you have a foreign maid of your choice that you agree to hire her from her country of origin and she agrees to work for you in the country of deployment.

The maid needs to furnish and fulfill the legal requirements for her own legal departure from her country of origin as an overseas contract worker. The employer will also need to furnish and fulfill all legal requirements for her legal employment in the country of employment. You will also need to arrange the air flight for her departure from the country of origin to the country of employment. Direct hire of a foreign maid needs to go through the similar processes like employing a foreign maid using the service of an employment agency, however the employer will need to do it all by herself.

Nevertheless, we at Kababayan far East Manpower & Services also provide asistance for clients who need direct hire service. The direct hire service comes with standard and tailor made packages according to the requirement of our clients. Services that can be included are application of work permit, banker's guarantee, medical checkup, insurance, embassy contract, overseas contract worker documentation (like Job Testing, Fiscal, VISA etc.) at the maid's country of origin and air ticketing etc.

Home leave processing/passport renewal for Filipinos

Our agency is the one-stop and fastest solution to any homeleave processing or passport renewal cases for Filipinos. We directly process these documents, as we are accredited with the Philippine Embassy. Because of our accreditation, the processing can be expedited, and is fast, safe, and cost effective.

Arrangement for budget air-tickets

We have also been sourcing and facilitating the purchasing of airtickets for our clients

Arrangement for Banker's Guarantee and PA&MI

Our banker’s guarantee and insurance tie-ups are with one of the best companies not just locally, but also internationally. The service rates are therefore kept to a minimum, with the best possible incentives to ensure that your domestic helper’s term in Singapore is properly covered.

Home Service

Upon request, we provide home service to clients at their convenience.

Maid counselling (Even if maid is not from our agency)

We are more than willing to provide free couselling service to anyone, employers or employees, who call for help or assistance.

Domestic helpers in Singapore sometimes need a lending ear. We take it upon ourselves to listen to their concerns about life here, and provide them with emotional support. If you have any problems with your employer or maid, please call us, and we will help you to the best of our ability.

Processing of other employment related documents

As a licensed employment agency, we can process just about anything that clients require, as long as it is within the field of employment in Singapore. Our services are not only for domestic help and skilled professionals. Do call us to enquire if we might be of help to you.

Training Centers

Maids from Kababayan undergo training in Philippines, in order to familiarize themselves with the job as a domestic helper. When they are deployed to their country of employment, they are therefore well trained, and ready to cope with the needs of their environment.

Maids deployed to Singapore are given additional conditioning of up to 3 days in a Singaporean household, so that they are able to better understand the needs of the different society.