Our Core Businesses

Our Areas of Expertise:


Deploying Domestic Helpers, Professionals and Nurses

We provide job placement services for Filipinos and Indonesians to work in Singapore as domestic helpers, Nurses and Nursing Aides.

Our services have been packaged for your convenience. The fees include recruitment charges, work permit application fees, banker’s guarantee, airport pickup and services, thumbprinting and collection of work permit. We do provide up to 12 months replacement guarantee at a minimal fee.

We also service job placements in the field of engineering, IT and healthcare for qualified professionals.

Provision of direct hiring services

“Direct Hiring” is the process of hiring a foreign maid that you know, who has agreed to work for you in the country of deployment.

For typical Direct Hiring cases, the maid will need to fulfill all the legal requirements for her own legitimate departure from her country, as an overseas contract worker. The employer, too, will need to provide legal documentation for the domestic helper’s employment. Essentially, direct hiring in Singapore needs to go through the same employment process as other Domestic Help employment.

At Kababayan, we offer dedicated assistance to clients who seek direct hire services. Our service comes in both standard, and tailored packages according to the client’s requirements. Some of what our packages include are the application for a work permit and banker’s guarantee, medical checkup services, insurance, embassy contract documentation, preparation for one-day Settling-In-Programme to be completed within three days upon arrival of applicant.

Services for maid transfer

“Transfer maids” are maids that are available for employment by another prospective employer, and currently employed by an existing employer in Singapore. This is only done with the approval of the existing employer, and if the transferring maid’s reasons for transfer are legitimate (e.g. current employer migrating).

After interviewing them and finding them suitable for transfer, we provide the necessary services to find them a good new employer.

Deployment of Caregivers and Nannies to Canada

Domestic workers who have finished their contract and wish to explore other opportunities might desire to work in Canada.

We have been deploying Caregivers to Canada for a significant number of years now.  Based on the applicant’s qualifications, experience and testimonies, we provide consultation to interested individuals, and can deploy them either directly from Singapore, or from their countries of origin.

Deployment of Domestic Helpers to Hong Kong, Middle East and Europe

We have been steadily deploying Domestic Helpers to Hong Kong, Middle East and Europe for sometime. After the domestic worker has finished her contract or when they are not needed anymore by the employer they might desire to work in the abovementioned countries.

Based on their qualifications and abilities we provide consultancy services, assist in processing and deployment either directly from Singapore or from their country of origin.

Processing of NCLEX applications for nursing jobs in USA (NEAC)

NEAC Singapore is serviced by Kababayan, and is the only NCLEX examination application centre in Singapore.

NEAC Nurse Exam Application Center is designed to assist international nurses with their NCLEX application preparation to obtain Eligibility, Authorization to Take Test (ATT), and to schedule their exam.

NEAC Exam Application Center, NCSBN and Pearson Vue are separate entities. NEAC facilitates the application preparation process and provides you all the information you need to apply to any Board of Nursing in the United States. NEAC is a legally establised Company under DTI Departmant of Trade. Visit this link for more information.